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Some of my latest publications about music.

"Faces of  Tango"

Co-authored with Kristin Wendland,

Naxos Musicology International, Summer 2020

Our newly completed essay exploring the many "faces" of tango as exemplified by the Naxos Music Library.  We touch on the history of tango and its defining musical traits.  Then, we delve into a descriptive discussion of the Naxos Catalog.  

Available through a subscription to the Naxos Music Library.


Tango: A Primer

Co-authored with Kristin Wendland,

Chamber Music Magazine, Summer 2018.

A three-step approach to understanding the basics of tango music. Complete with links to audio and score files. 


Available through Chamber Music America or your local academic library. 

Tango: A Primer in Chamber Music Magazine 2018

Tracing Tangueros:

Argentine Tango Instrumental Music

Co-authored with Kristin Wendland,

Oxford University Press, 2016

     Tracing Tangueros offers an inside view of Argentine tango music in the context of the growth and development of the art form's instrumental and stylistic innovations. Rather than perpetuating the glamorous worldwide conceptions that often only reflect the tango that left Argentina nearly 100 years ago, Kristin Wendland and I trace tango's historical and stylistic musical trajectory in Argentina, beginning with the guardia nueva's crystallization of the genre in the 1920s, moving through tango's Golden Age (1932–1955), and culminating with the "Music of Buenos Aires" today. Through the transmission, discussion, examination, and analysis of primary sources currently unavailable outside of Argentina, including scores, manuals of style, archival audio/video recordings, and live video footage of performances and demonstrations, we frame and define Argentine tango music as a distinct expression possessing its own musical legacy and characteristic musical elements.
     Beginning by establishing a broad framework of the tango art form, the book proceeds to move through twelve in-depth profiles of representative tangueros (tango musicians) within the genre's historical and stylistic trajectory. Through this focused examination of tangueros and their music, we show how the dynamic Argentine tango grows from one tanguero linked to another, and how the composition techniques and performance practices of each generation are informed by that of the past.

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Available through Oxford, Amazon, iBooks, Google Play BooksBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.