• Kacey Link

Learning Note Names on the Staff

School is starting and so are piano lessons! This means that some might need a little refresher as to the note names on the staff. There are numerous mnemonic devices to help us remember all the notes. I definitely have my favorites! However, please consider: you want to shed the mnemonic device quickly and memorize the placement of the note. After all, you can't go through each phrase for every note you play on the piano! This would take forever!!!

Also, somebody told me about learning bass clef notes by transposing treble clef notes. This honestly makes my brain hurt. I can't recommend this. Remember: when you're learning to play the piano, you are training your brain. You don't want to train it incorrectly and give it an extra step! (This is why we can't use the mnemonic devices too long either!)

But, for the beginning student, these mnemonic devices help us learn the notes on the staff and make learning a little less intimidating and extra fun!

Here are my favorites by me, my students, and others!

Treble Clef Lines

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Elvis's Guitar Broke Down Friday

Treble Clef Spaces


Bass Clef Lines

Great Big Dogs Fetch Avocados

Great Big Dogs Fight Animals

Great Big Dolphins Fetch Abalone

Gifted Ballerinas Dance Flamenco Always

Bass Clef Spaces

All Cows Eat Grass

All Cars Eat Gas

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